Sunday, February 8, 2009

Birthday Pics

Not much to write this time. Just that my friend Chera Rocks!! these are McKinlees (and Chance's) Birthday Pics - it was like 70 degrees the Friday - Then Saturday when we took these it was like 35 degrees windy and COLD - you really can't tell it..they are great!! not as many but that is OK, less to choose from..haha

These are just a few of my favorites...

Daddy Daughter Dance...

It is amazing to see our little girl growing up!! It is hard to believe in a few short weeks she will be 8 years old!

Rockwall does an annual Daddy/Daughter Dance - this is Chris and McKinlees 3rd year. Since the addition to the Harbor and the Hilton Hotel in Rockwall, the dance was held there this year, I bit fancier then the 'center' where it was held in the past.

McKinlee as always was super excited and had a blast!! I told Chris to get used to it, this was a tradition that will go on until McKinlee no longer wants to go!! and then Chris would be sad that year, although he may beg to differ right now ;)

We started the evening with Dinner, our friends Kimberly, Brent, Chance and Reese went with us.

And I just love this picture, shows her personality so well!! little miss priss

50 Golden Years

Recently Granny and Gramps celebrated 50 years of marriage!! I can not imagine!! I am so proud of what they have accomplished!! While Im sure it wasn't easy - it is something quite special!! We rented out the Lone Star Barn at the Beaumont Ranch for our family and had a great celebration!!

the Happy Couple

Cutting the Cake...
Me and My Grandparents...
Dad, Julie, Rena, Justin, Tanner and McKinleeA few of the kids!

While Chris and I are about to celebrate 10 years, that is nothing compared with 50! Happy Anniversary Granny and Gramps...What does 50 years get ya...2 kids - 8 grandkids -6 great-grandkids...for now at least!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sorry its been a bit, I have a few things...

So I will probably post multiples today!!

THIS one, I thought Id update on us...we are well sorta - Tanner went the the er, that is my last post - well got the bills we are OVER 3k for that now...head shake

We went BACK for the check up a week after...all was well Dr said, "Completely Fine" and THAT is what Tanner told everyone... this was a thursday - we finished the antibiotics on that sunday - by monday Tanner was coughing and by Tuesday had a low grade fever, Tues night about 102.8 so BACK we went that Thursday...Strep throat - we are currently ON antibiotics for that AND *I* have been sick...and it is NO fun when mommy is sick...I am on the upswing...not perfect but better - so hope and pray that we stay on the BETTER side.... dr visits are going to break us totally!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tanner and I got our 1st ambulance ride

;-P I am still a bit shaken up, and tears are coming easy just from the scare...but he seems fine and liked the ride...silly boy!! anyway ... the story...

oh man, what a day!! Tanner had a yucky cough last night / this am - by chance he lifted his shirt this morning sitting by me and I noticed he was breathing hard and the chest was caving, SO I was a bit worried, and normally this soon and quick and with no insurance I wait it out, but Ive always heard caving chest = NO good ... Dr got him in at 10:20

So we go back at 10:30 it didn't take them 5 mins to bring in the oxygen reader and nebulizer...they didn't like his oxygen level, so they gave the 1st treatment straight from on oxygen tank, and gave him a steriod shot...and took blood outta the finger, I was so proud...the finger stick he didn't even feel!! the shot on the other hand, she said it would HURT and he cried ;( anyway...they gave him part of the 2nd off the oxygen and back on the nebulizer ...well his oxygen dropped they talked hospital...and with him dipping off oxygen they called an ambulance - and then gave him a shot of epi in his arm...unfortunatly they didn't wait to see if and when the epi would work, and they sent us on, he had a high White Blood Count so they were saying Pneumonia...

they took him off the oxygen on the way down, and the ambulance did his count and it was within normal, so he didn't have oxygen the whole ride, basically I could have saved us that ride...but whatta ya do?? he enjoyed the ride, we both rode on the stretcher so he felt safe!! he was nervous when the paramedics arrived!! But we talked about our cousin Price, who used to work there, actually our paramedics said they knew him...he felt a bit better, just wondered if THEY were going to give him a shot...

Get to childrens, everything is normal - thank goodness, they monitor him until 4pm to make sure if/when the epi was out of his system he didn't relapse..he has an "almost" ear infection - Dr said he did, Hospital pedi said it was fluid and could easily become and infection... Dr said his throat was red...Hospital said he had a puss pocket on his tonsils...neither he complainted about so that could explain the high WBC?!? His x-ray was fine...So we are home...nothing known, and no meds..well an inhaler for cough..i heard asthma a LOT today...but never had issues so we will be watching him and I am applying for CHIPs again...

Im ready for bed!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Merry Christmas AND Happy New Year

Wow is it already close to MID- January?! I can't believe it! The Holidays are over...well almost - we have been so busy the tree is still, up and the boxes are in he attic, so Chris said he would get them down THEN I can say they are over!

Right before Christmas we met mamaw and papaw at Bass Pro Shops - the boys have a hunting trip planned right after christmas...the kids and I tag'd along to see santa!! Jamie was with them, so we attempted a picture, but she didn't like Santa much...brings back memories of my kids their first year!! haha

We had a great Christmas - the Sat before we went down to Cedar Creek lake for a Halpain Christmas - Pops and Nana were great host! we saw all the cousins and had tons of fun! I was BAD and forgot my camera...which reminds me I need to ask for copies of them from Kim and Larry ;) ...then we usually do Christmas eve with my mom and family - but since Sky works at the Movie Theater, she had to work both Christmas Eve and Day we moved it!! They got lots of stuff there, Christmas could have been over with these too, but of course it wasn't! I said I was going to be good and well, I still went a little over board - and Santa...dang him! Tanner got TONS of Planet Heros and McKinlee got an American Girl doll! McKinlee also got an ATM machine...Daddy liked it a lot as well! ;)

For new years, I went to dad and Julies for bunco, everyone at home was going to bed, so I stayed for the new year...I missed my kisses to ring in the new year, so I left after that...we spent New years day with Pops and Nana! they made Black eyed peas, cabbage, ham and corn bread!! McKinlee ate about 3 helpings of BEPs - she says her luck will be SUPER good this year!! I hope so!! Chris ate lots of cabbage, lets hope he starts some pay INcreases, instead of DEcreases this year!! hope 2009 finds each of you Happy, Healthy and with Lots of Love!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Party Party and MORE Parties...

There isnt lots to say, but Lots show you!! we have had a busy few days...
Tanner had his School party Thrusday along with his program, his class was Penguins...
Isn't he the CUTEST Penguin!!
Then McKinlee had her Brownie Party -

And the Brownies from a few weeks ago, when we went to Madelines Christmas :) this is with Madeline...

Then today was McKinlees class party - We don't have as much help in this class - lots of working moms or moms with siblings, but we still have fun!! Krispy Kreme Donuts, hot choc, friends, crafts - how can you NOT have fun!